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Six Metrics Every Business Should Track

At RJMetrics, I’m lucky to work with smart people at successful companies to help them analyze mountains of complex data.  What I find remarkable is how many of the same metrics are consistently relevant to companies across all sizes and industries. Today, I will explore six such metrics that are related to customer retention and […]

RJMetrics Feature Spotlight: Historical Currency Converter

An increasing number of our clients maintain an international customer base, and many of them accept payments in multiple currencies. However, storing multi-currency sales figures in a backend database doesn’t always involve making on-the-spot conversions to a single currency.  This can make it difficult to summarize or compare data because not all of the sales […]

RJMetrics Feature Spotlight: Analysis by Age

Today, we’ll be taking a look at another RJMetrics analytical tool: dynamic age calculations. RJMetrics can calculate the “age” of any date stored in your system, providing helpful look at how much time has passed since a particular stored date.  This can be useful in a number of situations, including: Studying the age of your […]

RJMetrics Feature Spotlight: Time Between Events

Today, we are happy to highlight another great RJMetrics feature: the ability to study the “Time Between Events” for any timestamped records within your company’s data set. This feature can be used to perform a number of valuable analyses, including: Studying how engagement (spending, usage, etc) varies based on different customer attributes. Improving forecasting by […]

RJMetrics Feature Spotlight: Jump to Step Drop-Down Menu

Originally, navigation within the RJMetrics Chart Wizard was controlled by the “Back” and “Forward” buttons at the bottom of each step.  Our “Jump to Step” menu now allows users to jump forward or backward to any step of the wizard with a single click. This added efficiency leads to faster, easier chart editing that makes […]

Foursquare Outpacing Gowalla as it Approaches 2 Million Users

[This post, written by our CEO Robert J. Moore, originally appeared on TechCrunch as a guest column. You can find that post here.] Location-based social networks Foursquare and Gowalla are accumulating users (and headlines) with impressive momentum.  While both companies have been vocal about reaching major milestones, we wanted to take a closer look at the data behind these accomplishments. For the past four weeks, […]

RJMetrics Feature Spotlight: Read-Only Users

We recently added a new level of information security to the RJMetrics dashboard: read-only users. Read-only users are created and maintained just like regular users, but they are unable to edit charts, explore data, or otherwise alter the contents of their dashboards. Some applications of the read-only user account are: 3rd parties, such as prospective […]

New Look for

If you hop over to you may notice a few subtle changes in the way things look. In fact, the site has spent the last several months undergoing major reconstructive surgery, and today we’re taking off the bandages. Go check it out, and drop a comment below to let us know what you think.

RJMetrics Feature Spotlight: Custom Subdomains and Logos

As an added level of customization, we now offer company-specific subdomains. RJMetrics clients can request their own custom subdomain, such as “,” through which they can access their RJMetrics dashboards.  As always, their data is still available through our main portal at This new feature is in addition to the custom logo placement that […]

RJMetrics Feature Spotlight: Cohort Analysis Data Perspectives

Cohort analysis is a useful data analysis technique to help view loyalty trends, predict future revenue, and monitor churn. RJMetrics users have found this technique to be very effective in quantifying the value of a company’s current customer base. When we initially rolled out the cohort analysis feature, we offered the following special data perspectives […]