RJMetrics Feature Spotlight: Syndicated Dashboards

We are pleased to announce a new feature that allows our clients to offer centrally-managed dashboard content to their users.  This feature is called “syndicated dashboards.”

Using syndicated dashboards, a company’s administrative user can “syndicate” selected dashboards from her account to any other user in the system.  These dashboards can not be edited by the recipients, but will automatically update when they are changed by the administrator.

For example, consider an administrative user who wants to share her “Key Performance Indicators” dashboard with other users at her company, but not allow those users to edit its contents.  This feature has several benefits, including:

  • Future changes to syndicated dashboards are automatically reflected on the recipients’ accounts.
  • End users are prevented from editing the syndicated content, leaving full control in the hands of the administrator.
  • Management can ensure that the logic being used to arrive at certain metrics is consistent across all users.

As always, end users still have the ability to create and edit their own private dashboards.   Only the syndicated dashboards in their accounts are read-only.

Once syndicated dashboards are enabled, the admin user for any company can syndicate any of her dashboards to any of the company’s RJMetrics users.  This is done by going to the Settings page, viewing the “Dashboards”  sub-menu, choosing a dashboard, and selecting the syndicated users from the dropdown list:

Syndication Process

When the admin user then visits her newly syndicated dashboard, she will see a message in the top-left corner saying how many users the dashboard has been syndicated to, and a helpful mouse-over tip explaining what that means.

Syndicated Dashboard - Admin User Perspective

When the end user logs in, the syndicated dashboard will appear on her list of dashboards with a message in the top-right corner explaining that its contents can not be edited.

Syndicated Dashboard - Syndicated User Perspective

If you’re interested in learning more about RJMetrics, check out our website where you can learn more and try out a free demo.

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