RJMetrics Feature Spotlight: Logged Values

The RJMetrics Logged Values feature is a great way to track values that change in your database over time.

For example, while most e-commerce companies do record their current inventory, many do not keep a historical record of past inventories.  Using logged values, our clients are able to compare historical snapshots of frequently-changing database tables and build related charts and graphs that provide new insights into their businesses.

Take our favorite fictional company, Vandelay Industries, as an example.  Each time a Vandelay Industries product is sold or inventory is replenished, the inventory value in the company’s database is changed. Our system can log these inventory values over time, allowing access to useful information such as the relationship between inventory characteristics (product, category, size, or other attribute) and other company events.
Some helpful perspectives provided by using logged values might include:
  • Tracking the number of items that are “out of stock” over time (and their “out of stock” durations)
  • Monitoring sales velocity of specific products to identify key replenishment points
  • Determining “overstock” status for certain products or styles
  • Monitoring the total value of merchandise in inventory over time (and by different characteristics)

And logged values aren’t just for inventory.  Any time values are being overwritten in your database (user statuses, preferences, etc), we can log historical values to provide you with insights into how those values change over time.

Vandelay Industries

If you’re interested in learning more about RJMetrics, check out our website where you can learn more and try out a free demo.

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