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Most online businesses are now using the notorious microblogging service Twitter.  While this new marketing channel creates opportunity for these companies, it also represents a new data source that is disconnected from their core business data.  That is, until now.

Auto-Generated Twitter Analytics Dashboard

Auto-Generated Twitter Analytics Dashboard

On the heels of our recent Google Analytics integration, RJMetrics has integrated with the Twitter API to provide Twitter account statistics for an unlimited number of accounts, including:

  • Tweets
  • Mentions
  • Retweets
  • Time between tweets
  • New followers
  • Lost followers

These metrics can then be combined to derive more meaningful analyses.  How does our rate of follower acquisition/churn change with our tweet frequency?  What is the average number of retweets per new tweet sent?  Composite charts can be used to conduct any complex calculation you desire.

More importantly, however, this data can appear side-by-side (or in the same chart) as your existing business data.  Are sales growing in line with our follower count?  How is our tweet frequency tied to the Page Views reported by Google Analytics? 

Whether you’re interested in complex analysis or simply keeping an eye on your Twitter stats from one centralized location, RJMetrics is the answer.

Add a Twitter Account in Seconds

Add a Twitter Account in Seconds

To add a Twitter account, simply have your company’s administrator visit the “Data Sources” section of the Settings Page and add the new connection.  You will have the option of authorizing a Twitter account with just a few clicks and RJMetrics will take care of the rest. You can add as many accounts as you would like!

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