Meet the Interns, Part 2

Hello to the readers of The Metric System blog. I am Cheryl Ryan, one of the interns at RJMetrics. I, like Mario, am a senior at Wharton, though I am concentrating in Marketing, Managing Electronic Commerce, and Operations and Information Management (OPIM) -Information Systems track, the last of which I don’t normally tell people because it takes awhile to explain exactly what an OPIM concentration is, not to mention it’s a really long name. I have a general interest in web based companies, which is why RJMetrics first caught my attention.

I am excited to get the opportunity to work at RJMetrics over the summer. The fact that the company is new means that there’s a lot for me to do to help develop RJMetrics. The product itself that RJMetrics is offering is actually pretty awesome too. I’m not just saying that to get a raise either, mainly because I’m working for free. I got to test out their product with a demo account while working on one of the tasks I was given and was really impressed with the software. It’s really easy to use, there’s no hassle of installation, and there are a plethora of different options so a company can analyze just about anything in their database.

As someone with prior web developing experience and a general business education, I can see the potential value that database analytics can bring to a wide variety of companies. Very few internet-based companies fully utilize the information that their databases hold and even fewer realize the significant benefits that analyzing this data could bring. If you’re curious about all the advantages that database analytics can bring to a company, Bob describes some of them in his blog post comparing Google Analytics and RJMetrics / Database Analytics.

For this reason, as well as the fact that I want RJMetrics to do well, I hope to help the company increase its general public awareness and to make sure the impression of the company is positive. I plan to do this through using some of the information I acquired from my marketing classes, as well as through utilizing various social media sources. Additionally, I hope to get the opportunity to exercise my salesperson skills and help the company to gain more customers. This is a time of great potential growth for RJMetrics and I look forward to participating in achieving that growth.

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