Paradigm Shifts in Rap, Database Analytics

Hello internet!  My name is Mario Ponticello, and I am a senior concentrating in Finance and Management at the Wharton School.  Writing this blog post, I’m reminded of the incisive words of rap mogul Flavor Flav, who observed, “…the rap scene right now has taken its own course and its own direction because you have so many rap records of all different calibers coming out. And me, I favor everybody, I like everybody and the reason why is because I want everyone to favor Flav.”  In the same spirit of camaraderie, I’m happy to follow up last week’s Business Intelligence Rap video with this post as the newest member of the Real Revenue Records crew.

I am an aspiring entrepreneur, and my interest in new ventures is what initially attracted me to an internship with RJMetrics.  Through the interview process, I learned that Bob and Jake were facing many of the same decisions that I had studied about in class, and were in the process of transforming an innovative technology into a consumer-driven product.  I’m relatively new to the world of data analytics, so I hope to learn more about the underlying technology that facilitates business intelligence, and gain firsthand entrepreneurial experience by being fully immersed in the process.

RJMetrics’ business intelligence dashboard is a powerful tool, but as Uncle Ben once cautioned a naïve Peter Parker, “with great power comes great responsibility.”  I know that as an intern at a dynamic startup, I will be counted upon to juggle responsibilities rather than sit on the sidelines.  I hope to use my knowledge of new ventures and the challenges they face to assist with decision-making when needed.  As an English minor, I plan to develop and expand the company’s face through social media outlets (including this blog).  Finally, I hope to garner new customers that will augment the firm’s clientele—even after my tenure here is over.

I can’t imagine a more exciting time to work with a new venture.  Earlier this week, General Motors followed Chrysler’s lead, becoming the second oversized, outdated remnant of the American automotive industry to file for bankruptcy. While their recent challenges may stem from the fact that consumers are generally unwilling to purchase big ticket items during an economic downturn, their general vulnerability springs from one issue: they aren’t making the kind of products consumers want.  As a result, new ventures and innovative ideas are poised to colonize the American automotive industry.

A momentum shift of this nature isn’t industry specific: I believe more broadly that, nimbler, innovative ventures catering to previously neglected market segments stand to succeed where more established firms have faltered.  This January, RJMetrics released their business intelligence tool, targeting an underserved market of internet-based businesses.  I look forward to being a part of their growth.  Thanks!

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  1. jakestein
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    We’re really excited to have you on the team

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