New Feature: Clone Environment

As part of our new client integration process, we populate the administrator’s account with dashboards and charts that track the metrics relevant to their business.  The administrator can then create additional logins for each of their colleagues, but in the past there was no way to populate a new user’s dashboard with charts before their first login.  While we provide instructions and how-to videos in order to make it easy for new users to create and import charts on their own, an empty dashboard really takes away from the “wow” moment we want our users to experience the first time they log in.

So, we added an option to the administrator panel called “Clone Environment,” whereby administrators can get a new user started by cloning the charts and dashboards of an existing user, including themselves.  If the new user does not have access to the same underlying data trends as the user whose environment is cloned, charts based upon the restricted trends are simply omitted from the new user’s dashboards.


This works both when an administrator is adding an entirely new user to the system and when an administrator is providing an existing user access to a new company’s data.

Thanks to David for suggesting this feature.

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