Client Spotlight:

lendforpeacelogo1While we are proud of each of our clients, I think it’s important to spotlight one in particular that is doing a great service to humanity. is a non-profit microlending site founded by a group of Jews and Palestinians that allows individuals to make loans to specific entrepreneurs in the West Bank.  The idea is that bottom-up economic development and cross-cultural collaboration can play a role in bringing about a more peaceful Middle East. The site was in private beta until their public launch yesterday evening.  Over the course of their pilot they had a 100% loan repayment rate.

realentrepreneurSome very interesting institutions are involved with, including the Clinton Global Initiative, Ashoka (the world’s largest association of social entrepreneurs), and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government’s International Consulting Organization.

We’re proud to be involved with in two ways.  First of all, they are running all of their analytics on RJMetrics in order to track metrics on lenders, borrowers, loans, and donations.  This data set will only get more interesting as lender activity increases.  Secondly, RJMetrics is helping to fund an entrepreneur named Rabiha Al-Matahenah who needs an additional $600 to meet her  $1,000 goal to expand her sewing business.  Please join us and make a loan at today.

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